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About the photographer: Bill Woody is a photographer from Dayton (Beavercreek), Ohio who has been pursuing his art since 1972. He is a member and past president of Dayton's Tripod Camera Club. He has participated in international competitions and has many acceptances and awards of merit. He gives seminars and workshops on photography, printing, Photoshop, as well as portrait, model, and dance workshops. Bill also serves as a judge for photographic competitions for local art and photography groups. His recent shows include Troy Ohio's Troy-Haner Cultural Center, the Market at Crane,  the Beavercreek Parks Gallery at Lofino Plaza, and in the gallery at Grace United Methodist Church.  He photographed the Dayton Ballet in the 1980's. His photos have been used in their promotional material and are part of their permanent collection. He has also contributed services, programs, and photographs to the Appalachian Institute for the Arts for their productions. His first one-man show was in Beavercreek in 1995.  Recent personal projects have included the Northern Michigan Asylum, Montana/Oregon/Washington, and Dance at Silo City in Buffalo, NY,  in Havana Cuba, and within Grace United Methodist Church.  About the Photos: These photographic pursuits of Early Mornings and Abandoned Places are a passion. It may be the light. It may be the mood. Adding people contradicts expected responses, and often causes the viewer to bring their own personal experience to the image. Nostalgia?

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